Copy of Frequent Asked Questions



Question 1:

What can I get from signing up?
  • We provide special giveaways, coupons, discounts and lucky draws for our members who sign up on our website.

Question 2:

How to join membership?
  • You can simply create an account with your email address, you can chat with our customer service team for details. We are offering ranking levels for membership, the higher rank the better bonus

Question 3:

I have created the account but could not see the community activities?
  • Since we have different levels of members, different ranks might have different access to certain content.

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Why Sign up?

Please note all our community activities would be posted and finalized to members only, join our membership to acquire as many bonus as you can.

Members would have access to community activities like new product tests, super lucky draw, rewards claims can only be issued from site chat..

Please check with our customer service team for more information